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24 Epic Fail Google Street View Pictures That Are Hilarious

Google Street View has allowed us to explore random streets around the world and captured over 20 petabytes of Street View Images. There have been a lot of very unusual and weird things caught along the way. Check out 24 epic fail Google Street View pictures that are hilarious.


27 Translation Fails That Are Ridiculously Hilarious

Translation from one language to other one is not an easy task. Translation needs experts to do it correctly, but when you go with automatic translation tools, it fails and produces some fail results. Take a look at 27 translation fails that are ridiculously hilarious.


The 20 Most Ridiculous People of Walmart Photos

Let’s take a look at some of the ridiculous customers of Walmart. Walmart is the mega retail chain literally has everything you need – food, electronics, clothing, jewellery, household items and also entertainment through weird people of Walmart.